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The aftermath of an auto accident goes beyond the pain from physical injuries. Fear and uncertainty soon set in after the life-changing event. Making any decision following the collision can work against you. However, one choice should be clear. Retaining an attorney. At Styles Law, we possess a reputation of results for our fellow Washington residents who have retained our law firm following an accident.

Get The Facts About Your Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents and other injury claims are filled with misconceptions. Far too many times, accident victims make mistakes that undermine their cases and minimize the compensation that they are entitled to. They don’t want to be that person that files a lawsuit. They presume that handling an insurance claim alone will save them money.

Before taking any action or speaking to anyone, contact our law firm. Do not talk to insurance adjusters. They claim to be on your side, but their loyalties remain with the company that employs them. Their goal is to minimize the compensation you deserve.

Our goal is just the opposite. While you focus on recovery, we conduct an in-depth investigation, oftentimes with the help of experts. Simply put, we get to the facts and convey that information to the insurance company. Everything we do for you is to maximize compensation.

Before Talking To Anyone, Call Styles Law

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