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Experienced Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

A large percentage of today’s incarcerated population was convicted on drug charges. Drug arrests are an everyday occurrence, and possession accounts for the majority of these cases. If you have been arrested, you are likely apprehensive about the future. But remember: a possession charge does not necessarily have to become a conviction. With a strong defense, you have a higher likelihood of receiving a better outcome in the courtroom.Leave your defense to Styles Law. Our experienced drug possession lawyer in Everett, Washington, has successfully represented many clients arrested on drug charges. We provide competent and aggressive representation to clients arrested for:
  • Trafficking
  • Paraphernalia
  • Dealing
  • Manufacturing and Delivery
  • Possession

The Drug Defense Law Firm That’s On Your Side

Our drug possession defense tactics start by closely examining the unique facts of your individual case. What was the officer’s probable cause? Did the officer overstep the bounds of search and seizure laws? Were any procedural errors made during the process of your arrest? These are just a few of the many questions we ask while reviewing your case to find every possible advantage. Protect your rights following your drug arrest by trusting our law office.
Contact us as soon as possible following your drug-related arrest. We serve clients in Everett, Washington.