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Family members of United States citizens and permanent residents may receive an immigration visa through a family petition or sponsorship. There are requirements and limitations for these visas, however.

Our attorneys at Styles Law provide petition and other immigration assistance to residents and soon-to-be residents of Washington. We understand what a difference it can make to have a prepared petition as you work to sponsor your loved one. We also know the weight these petitions can bear on your family, and we are ready to take on your legal burdens.

Does Your Family Member Qualify? The Details Make A Difference.

How you are related to your family member will affect their petition timeline. There are unlimited visas and there are limited visas. There is no limit for immediate family members whom you can sponsor. But there are limitations on petitions for other types of family members per fiscal year. The government considers the following as immediate family members:

  • Unmarried child (under 21) of a citizen or permanent resident
  • Spouse of a citizen or permanent resident
  • Adopted orphan of a citizen
  • Parent of a citizen

Examples of family relationships that fall under the limited visa category include:

  • Married children of citizens and their families
  • Minor children, unmarried children (over 21), spouses of permanent residents
  • Siblings of citizens and their families

Some family members do not qualify for sponsorship. These family members include:

  • Cousins
  • Grandparents
  • In-laws
  • Uncles and aunts

Once you have all relevant information and you know whether your family member qualifies, you must file form I-130 to begin your petition. Our team is well-prepared to assist you with your paperwork and answer any relevant questions you may have.

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