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Property Division – Frequently Asked Questions

At Styles Law, our lawyers provide the Everett area and beyond with an array of informed legal services. Whether your marriage is at an end or you have questions regarding separations and child custody, we have the resources to help your family during challenging seasons.

Divorce is never simple and taking the right steps toward a fair property division can be vital to your future financial situation. Our office frequently hears these questions related to property division:

How is property divided in Washington?

Washington is a community property state. This means that property obtained and assets earned during the marriage belong to both spouses on a 50/50 split. There are exceptions, including some instances of inheritance.

Will I have to share in my spouse’s debts?

Only debts that you accumulated as a married couple will be shared following the divorce. Debts from before marriage, much like owned property, do not split to each spouse.

What happens to complex assets like 401K(s), pensions and stock options?

The division of these assets will depend entirely on the situation. 401k in a community property state like Washington splits just as other marital property. But the division of stocks and pensions will depend on related earnings and awards received during the marriage. Reach out to our office for more information.

Who will get the family home?

Typically, if you have children, the home will go to the spouse who is the primary caregiver of the children. And if the family home is a marital property, spouses will split ownership 50/50 as with other assets.

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