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Criminal Law in Everett, WA

Criminal convictions stay on your record permanently, and they can come back to haunt you even years later. Past offenders routinely miss out on job opportunities because of mistakes they made years ago. Don’t let a criminal conviction stand in your way-discuss your record with our criminal offense lawyer in Everett, WA. Styles Law provides the legal counsel you need to move on with your life. Whether you’re currently facing charges or you want to discuss your eligibility for expunging your record, our law firm is here for you.Criminal charges are nothing to take lightly. Convictions are often financially and emotionally devastating, especially if the criminal offense warrants possible jail time. Consult with our experienced attorney when you need legal advice and representation. As your dedicated legal advocate, we treat your case with the attention it requires to work toward a more favorable outcome.

Protect Your Privacy with Our Expungement Law Practice

Has your criminal record cost you one opportunity too many? Your past mistakes don’t have to restrict your ability to live a productive, prosperous life. Our knowledgeable attorney is here to help you determine your eligibility for sealing or expunging your record. When your record is expunged:

  • The Record Is Not Publicly Available
  • You Do Not Have to Disclose It on Job Applications
  • You Do Not Have to Disclose It When Applying for Housing

Our law firm is ready to assist you if you’ve been arrested for a crime. Protect your rights by trusting our experienced lawyer.

Contact us to discuss your arrests and to determine whether you are eligible to have your record sealed or expunged. We proudly represent clients in Everett, WA.