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At Styles Law, we are dedicated to representing our fellow Washington residents who are facing the challenges that come with legal problems. They have come to us facing the uncertainty caused by an arrest, accident, divorce or possible deportation.

Taking On The Complexities That Come With Unexpected Legal Problems

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of legal services that include:

  • Personal injury — Life changes in the split second it takes for one vehicle to collide with the other. When negligence caused the accident, victims need an aggressive attorney to hold responsible parties accountable. At Styles Law, we fight to maximize the compensation victims deserve.
  • Criminal defense — In the moments following an arrest for a felony or misdemeanor crime, legal representation from a skilled attorney is paramount. Lead attorney Jeremiah Styles builds fact-based defenses and fights for the best outcome.
  • Family law — The end of a marriage is a difficult time where life-changing choices must be made. We represent Everett-area residents at every step of the divorce process. We focus on their well-being and the best interests of their children now and in the future.
  • Immigration — Laws governing immigration are complex and ever-changing. Those applying for visas, residency or asylum require an experienced attorney with comprehensive and contemporary knowledge. At our law firm, we understand the stakes involved and fight for our clients wanting to legally reside in the United States.

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For more information or to schedule a consultation, please email our law firm or call 425-448-7246 today to schedule a consultation.

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