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Secure Compensation for Your Suffering

Personal injury falls into an area of law known as tort law. A tort is when one person causes damage to another person or a person’s property. Tort law is civil law, which is separate from criminal charges. Tort law attempts to make the injured party whole. That means the court tries to get you paid back for the injuries you suffer. A personal injury attorney at our Everett, WA, firm can help to guide the court’s decision about how much to pay you back. 

Upset man sitting in front of wrecked car
Personal injuries resulting from incidents like serious car accidents can have a devastating impact on victims. 

Car Accidents

The most common example of a personal injury from our practice is a car accident. In a car accident, one driver is usually at fault and causes the accident by negligence. The accident damages you car and also injures you. In order for you to be made whole, you need to get medical treatment to help fix your injuries and you need a mechanic to repair your car. You should be paid back for the bills from the doctors and the mechanics. These bills are called special damages, because they are relatively clear and straightforward. However, there are also other damages, like you pain and discomfort, your lost time having to go to doctors appointments, and any symptoms that are left that doctors cannot fix. These damages are called general damages.

It can be difficult and daunting to keep track of all the bills and records associated with special damages. It is also difficult to prove to an insurance company or a court how much money your pain and suffering is worth. That is where a car accident lawyer can help. The accident attorney will keep track of bills and records. He will make sure you get the treatment you need. Then, he will make a persuasive presentation to show the insurance company or the court that your pain and suffering is worth a lot of money.

Workers' Compensation

On the job injuries work a little bit differently than other personal injuries, like car accidents. Whenever you are injured on the job, the State of Washington will help you get treatment for your injury, pay you part of your wages while you are recovering, and then pay you a settlement if you are left with injuries that cannot be completely fixed. The department of Labor and Industries handles workers' compensation claims and it has its own rules about how much money you can receive and under what circumstances. It’s very helpful to have an experienced worker’s comp. attorney to guide you through the process and fight for you to get you taken care of.

Contingency Fees

The office of Jeremiah Styles, and many others, bill for personal injury representation, including worker’s comp, on a contingency fee basis. That means no payment is required up front, during the case, or afterward if we do not win money for you. Our services are paid for out of the money paid to you at the end of your case. We make sure to get enough money for our clients so that they can pay us and be very satisfied with what goes to them to pay them back for their suffering. Our fees are typically 33%.

Our office is happy to offer free consultations to people who have questions about personal injury law, car accidents, and worker’s compensation.

The benefit of contingency fee billing is that you, as the injured person, never have to worry about whether you can afford representation. If you have been injured and are guilt free, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding the money to pay an attorney. We are happy to step in and take care of your case without getting paid until we can win you the money to be able to pay for our services and to take care of your own suffering.

Schedule a Free Consultation Today

Our office is happy to offer free consultations to people who have questions about personal injury law, car accidents, and worker’s compensation. With these type of claims, it is very important to get legal help as soon as possible. The first steps you take may make a big difference in the case. A personal injury lawyer can help make sure you are taking the right steps from the beginning. That is why our office offers free personal injury consultations. Reach our firm online or call (866) 586-8494 to set up an appointment today.

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