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About Our Attorney Fees

At Styles Law in Everett, WA, it is our goal to provide affordable legal representation for each of our clients. Our attorney fees are structured according to the type of case, with both flat fee and contingency fee contracts offered. Jeremiah Styles and Alisa Bagirova also offer flexible payment plans for flat fee cases. All of our personal injury and workers’ compensation cases are litigated on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not collect fees unless you receive a settlement or jury recovery. For criminal defense and immigration law cases, we charge a reasonable flat fee. Family law cases are handled on either a flat or hourly fee basis, depending on the complexity of the case.

Attorney Fees: The Basics

Law firms commonly charge hourly fees for their legal work, drawing from an initial retainer collected from the client. This retainer must often be replenished with more funds, although unused amounts are refundable. An hourly fee arrangement often results in higher legal costs for the client.

For flat fee cases, Styles Law offers affordable, flexible, monthly payment plans.

In a flat fee arrangement, the managing attorney looks at the case and determines an amount expected to cover the firm's time and expenses. The fee remains the same regardless of the amount of time the attorneys eventually put into the case.

Contingency fee representation is most commonly offered for personal injury cases, where a potentially large monetary recovery is anticipated. Here, the lawyer is taking on all the risk, which provides an incentive to work diligently to maximize the client’s compensation. The firm agrees to accept a set amount, typically ranging from 33-40 percent of the client’s recovery. If no money is collected by the client, the attorney receives no legal fees.

Fee Structure at Styles Law

Styles Law offers a range of legal services with various fee structures. For flat fee cases, our firm offers affordable monthly payment plans. These plans are flexible, with the fee to be paid in full by the time the case is terminated.

Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation

Personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, including car accidents and motorcycle accidents, are handled strictly on a contingency fee basis. Depending on the type of case, there may be a court filing fee for the client to cover.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Styles charges a flat fee for criminal defense cases, including driving under the influence (DUI). The amount is determined in part by the complexity of the charge and the client’s criminal history. Generally, the breakdown includes:

  • Infractions (such as traffic tickets): $200
  • Misdemeanors: $1,000
  • Felonies: $2,000
Couple sitting over paperwork and pen with house and car keys
At Styles Law, we understand the difficult situation you may be facing.
It is our goal to provide affordable legal representation for each of our clients.

Family Law

If a family law case involves an undisputed divorce, Styles Law charges a flat fee, generally $500. For a more complex dissolution, which will generally involve courtroom time, our firm charges $200 an hour (pro-rated for a partial hour).

Immigration Cases

Immigration cases are handled on a flat fee basis, with most petitions running about $2,000. This fee is eligible for payment plans.

Learn More About Your Fees

At Styles Law, you will find compassionate, dedicated legal advocates eager to provide you with the best possible case outcome. Please contact our firm online or call (866) 586-8494 today to schedule an appointment. Se habla español.

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