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Workers Compensation

If you have been injured on the job in the Everett, WA, area, experienced workers' compensation attorney Jeremiah Styles can help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Styles Law offers assistance with the claims process, appeals, and permanent disability awards, as well as cases involving third-party negligence. Legal counsel can make a valuable difference in your work injury case outcome. Please contact us online or call 425-224-7477 today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

About Washington Workers' Compensation

Under Washington law, all employers must provide workers' compensation insurance to cover on-the-job injuries and job-related illness. The system is designed to provide workers with medical care and a portion of lost wages for temporary or permanent disability.

Workers' comp covers any injury that occurs at work or while you are in the process of performing job-related tasks off-site. This includes driving to another job site or attending a business conference. Covered health conditions include all accidental injuries and any chronic illness that arises from exposure to toxins, stress, or repetitive movement.

"With a thorough knowledge of workers' compensation law, Jeremiah Styles knows how to substantiate the impact of a serious injury or illness."

Depending upon the extent and duration of your impairment, you may be entitled to time-loss compensation, temporary disability payments, vocational retraining, or a permanent disability pension. Families who lose a loved one to a work-related tragedy may be eligible to receive benefits, including a monthly pension.

The State Department of Labor & Industries manages Washington workers' compensation claims and benefits payments. This complicated system can be overly protective of employers, and too often, workers' claims are inappropriately denied. To ensure you receive full benefits, it is important to meet deadlines, thoroughly document your injury, and challenge unjust decisions.

How We Can Help

Most employees do not fully understand their legal rights or the full value of their workers' compensation claim.

Whether you have standard workers' compensation coverage or are covered by a self-insured employer, our law firm can help with:

  • Claims denials
  • Premature claim closure
  • Medical treatment issues
  • Calculations for time-loss compensation
  • Vocational retraining benefits
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) claims
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD or L & I pension) claims
  • Lump-sum settlement offers
  • Structured settlements for people over 50
  • Survivor death benefits

With hands-on experience and a thorough knowledge of the law, Jeremiah Styles knows what is required to substantiate the impact of a serious injury or illness. Styles Law has assisted construction workers, landscapers, and office workers with obtaining highly favorable workers' compensation decisions. Our legal team, including attorney Alisa Bagirova, will gather important evidence, negotiate effectively for you, and strive to ensure a favorable outcome or well-structured settlement.

Attorney Styles can help ensure you receive appropriate medical care from a physician dedicated to your well-being rather than your employer's. You will have a strong legal advocate in your corner throughout the claims process, whether you need to appeal your case before the administrative board or in civil court.

Our firm can also help with third-party personal injury claims, which are common in workers' comp cases. Another driver may be responsible for your work-related car accident, or malfunctioning equipment may have contributed to your injury. These types of lawsuits can include damages for pain and suffering and even punitive damages.

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At Styles Law, we stand by the individual, not the corporation, and Attorney Styles has developed a reputation in the community for always being there for his workers' compensation clients. Reach out to schedule a consultation using our online form or call 425-224-7477. Se Habla Español. Linea para español 425-553-4667.

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