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Since Jeremiah Styles established his law firm, he has become well-known throughout Everett and the surrounding area for dependability with an unwavering work ethic. While many of his clients have come to him for help with personal injury claims, he has also had success in workers' compensation cases and criminal charges involving drunk driving.

The Peace Of Mind That Comes With Skilled Legal Advocacy

Jeremiah and attorney Alisa Bagirova understand that peace of mind is paramount for their clients. Accidents, divorces, bankruptcy filings and other legal problems have a way of turning life upside-down.

We understand that when Washington residents come to our law firm, they are likely not at their best. Our job is to take the time to get to know them and the legal issue that brought them to our firm. From there, we customize strategies with a focus on the best possible outcome. While cases often settle, we do not shy away from a trial if that is in our clients' best interest.

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  • Kevin Chan
  • Bill Han
  • Mike Rapson
  • Ammon Styles

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