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It can be very frightening and stressful to be to be confronted with a problem that may endanger your future. It is especially difficult when you have to handle it alone, while juggling all the other responsibilities of your life. That is why we have always felt that the job of a lawyer is to solve problems. The firm of Styles Law is a full service law firm. We search for solutions to any legal problem our clients might have and take the burden of uncertainty about the future off their shoulders. We offer help if you are looking for a criminal law attorney, an Everett personal injury attorney, or a family law attorney. We can help you file for bankruptcy, or with immigration. We can help if you want to clean up your criminal record, remove a restraining order, or write a will. We do our best to make sure you can be taken care of properly.

Criminal Charges

If criminal charges have been brought against you, you are most likely wondering if your freedom and livelihood will be taken away in the form of jail time and overwhelming fines. Then, on top of that, there is the struggle of making time and remembering to attend court hearings. A lawyer can help in these instances by reviewing your case and giving you a much better idea about what penalties you will most likely face. Then, further, the attorney can take over the case and go to court on your behalf. That way, you don’t have to keep track of every little date and detail given to you by the court. You won’t have to miss work. Finally, and most importantly, an attorney will fight for you so that you get the best result possible, meaning the least disruptive penalty.

Criminal charges range in serious. The least serious are infractions, which is what a traffic ticket is. Then misdemeanors, which carry fines less than $1,000 and jail time less than 1 year. Finally, felonies are the most serious and carry fines over $1,000 and jail time over 1 year. Within any of those charges, there is a range and an attorney will work to get the court to give the smallest penalty possible.


On another hand, if instead of facing criminal charges you were the innocent victim of an accident, you are probably wondering how you will pay your medical bills. Maybe your injury has prevented you from getting to work and you wonder how you will pay any bills at all. An Everett personal injury attorney can help here, too. The attorney can search for insurance coverage for treatment for your injuries. Then, he can make sure your injuries are well documented so you can be paid for the suffering you were caused. Our firm has years of experience helping injured people, especially those who have been in car accidents or were injured at work. We know how to work with insurance companies and with Worker’s Compensation and Labor and Industries.

Cases for injuries always to come down to the value the court or a company assigns the injury. The remedy paid for an injury will include your medical expenses and your general pain and suffering, and an Everett personal injury lawyer can help you pursue these forms of compensation.


If you have decided to get a divorce, you are probably wondering how your life will change. The most important questions usually come down to the parenting plan, which will determine the custody each parent will have of the children. The parenting plan will also effect child support and alimony, or spousal support. Finally, the court will also divide property. An attorney can make sure you get a fair deal in a divorce.


Whether you need to apply for papers or you want a family member to be able to immigrate to the USA, you are probably unsure what the best course is to take. With immigration, it is very important that you work within the immigration laws. Breaking rules with immigration often leads to closing a door that might have allowed a person to live in the USA without much trouble.

Jeremiah Styles
Jeremiah Styles

My practice is designed to be able to deal with the issues that all too often arise and keep people from being able to enjoy their lives. Whether it is an injury that will prevent someone from going to work, an unexpected criminal charge, issues with immigration, or even a traffic ticket, I want to be able to help solve the issue so my client can have peace of mind. I make sure to keep my clients informed and in the loop. I want them to be able to control their case, make decisions, but not have to worry about the complicated, technical aspects of their case. I keep my clients best interest in my mind and fight to realize the best possible outcome.

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  • $25,000 pedestrian hit in a crosswalk
  • $7,500 rear-ended in traffic
  • Case Dismissed allegedly committed felony assault in the 2nd degree and 2nd degree auto theft
  • Not Committed Speeding ticket
  • Dismissed Passing on the right